Downtown Delray Beach 

Downtown Delray Beach offers home buyers a wide array of condos and and homes for sale. Houses and condo options include urban condos near trendyrestrauants Art Galleries, and the Beach

Delray Beach is a popular destination for both visitors and home buyers. Located in the southeast section of Palm Beach County, Delray Beach homes are situated perfectly to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and proximity to the ocean. With its pedestrian-friendly, brick-paved roads and walkways, a thriving downtown environment and a span of breathtaking beaches, it’s no wonder why this relaxed, cultural community has gained a far-reaching appeal.

There is always something to do in Delray Beach. Festivals featuring fine arts and crafts, jewelry and clothing as well as special sporting events happen on a monthly basis. Yearly events including The Delray Affair and Garlic Fest attract visitors from all over the country.

Planned projects


Atlantic Commons 

  Location/Address - Between East Atlantic Avenue and NE 1st Street and between NE 6th Avenue and Veterans Park and also including the parcel of land located at the northeast corner of NE 7th Avenue and NE 1st Street.

·Description - This is a subdivision of a replat of a portion of CDS Delray Redevelopment, a replat of a portion of Block 123, Town of Linton and the abandoned portion of NE 7th Avenue right-of-way between Atlantic Avenue and NE 1st Street.  The development area contains approximately 9.229 acres of land currently used as a shopping center, a stand alone parking lot and four buildings containing office, retail and an auction house uses.


The plat proposes to subdivide the development area into two tracts of land, Tract A and Tract B.  Tract A is approximately 8.599 acres and will contain the mixed use project consisting of 37,642 square feet of retail floor area, 39,434 square feet of restaurant floor area, 83,462 square feet of office floor area, and 343 dwelling units all within six (6) buildings. The majority of the parking will be located on Tract A via sub-grade parking and an above-grade parking garage.  Tract B is approximately 0.630 acres and consists of a 20 space surface parking lot and a potential cul-de-sac installed within the closed NE 7 Avenue right-of-way located north of NE 1 Street. The plat also provides for the dedication of access tracts and easements. 


650 SE 5Th St


 Location/Address - Located on the west side of SE 5th Avenue, between SE 6th Street and SE 7th Street. 


 Description - This is a Class V site plan associated with the demolition of the existing Hertz Rent-A-Car building and construction of two new single story retail building containing 12,048 sq. ft.  The new buildings will be divided into multiple tenant bays, situated to face SE 5th Avenue.